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After 25 years running my own company, I have developed the theory of holistic business. Like everything in life it is not entirely original but based on things (business, philosophical, creative, spiritual) I have come across that struck me as true. I have written a book about this theory and I write blogs and articles about relevant subjects. I run workshops to help business leaders find new ways and help people explore a new future for themselves.

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Holistic Business

5 Things That Make Your Business Holistic

Holistic businesses are successful businesses. They are attractive to customers and to employees. What are the five things they have in common? 1. INTENTION. They know why. They are clear about their purpose and this provides direction for their actions. 2.…

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Intuitive decision-making

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” This is what Steve Jobs told an audience of graduates. He wanted them to reach their full potential. I would encourage every…

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Hire a holistic team

In a meeting recently with an employee of a very large organisation, I was reminded of how difficult it is to get the board of such companies to wake up to the world about them.  Most board directors in large companies…

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How to find your Why

I only just found this article by Shannon Kaiser published by the Huffington Post on 19 April 2014. It resonated with me because of the importance of purpose in your life yet at the same time the difficulty in finding it.…

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Look for purpose in your belly

No, nothing to do with food, fat or fads!  I am talking about your gut intuition or inner knowing that resides in your belly.  Discovering your true purpose in life is not easy.  Most people try to work it out using…

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Few businesses understand the ‘why’

The simplest way of understanding ‘purpose’ in business is to think of it as the ultimate answer to the question, “Why”. John Rosling, the CEO of Shirlaws Coaching in the UK describes this beautifully. “All businesses understand ‘how’ they do what…

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Top Ten Leaders

Steve Jobs: the Apple of his eye

We all know the success story that is Apple. In the 1980s Apple was a jumped-up minnow but by 2012 it had become the most valuable company on the New York stock exchange. The biggest success factor was Steve Jobs’ ability…

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Sir Richard Branson: a winning smile

Branson was an entrepreneur from a very early age.  Certainly at school he was making money out of commercial ventures when most people were studying for their exams, publishing a magazine called Student. He comes from a family of lawyers – his…

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Jeff Bezos: stepping out into space

Imagine what it must have been like to be Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, having to persuade his investors that everything would be ok in the end despite making losses for the first six years from 1995 to 2001.  If…

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Happiness In Business

Optimism and Humour

Research has shown how important optimism is in business. Optimistic people are successful and vice versa. This might seem obvious because we can all see how it is key to keep your chin up when faced with adversity. This is not…

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Is happiness in business a pipe dream?

There is no doubt that we all want to be happy.  There is little doubt that we are more healthy when we are happy. But what about Happiness in Business? I believe we are also more productive and engaged when we…

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Joy leads to profit, not the other way around

For most business leaders it is the profitable trading each month that leads to happiness and when results are poor this can lead to depression.  My wife reminds me of my years as a managing director and how she knew the…

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Creativity and Innovation

The pressure of innovation

There is so much competition these days that business leaders feel the pressure to innovate in order to survive.  As a strategist, I would say that successful innovation can be developed through analysis and identifying gaps in the market. This is…

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Be brave, be colourful

The British are not known for being colourful but we could be missing out. I have just come back from a week in Marrakech and, while walking through the souks being bombarded by market stallholders, noisy music and small motorbikes travelling…

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s Amazon delivering your purchase via a tiny helicopter! It only works if your package weighs less than five pounds and you live within ten miles of the Amazon fulfillment centre.  However, this is only the start. If you want…

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The People Factor

Dutch happier than Brits at work

So, it turns out that the Dutch are much happier than we are at work. Having worked there for many years I am not that surprised but I was interested to read an article that identified 5 reasons … 1. Contribution…

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When I was in my early twenties and starting out in business (working in an advertising agency) I was very concerned about the impression I was making on colleagues and clients.  I made an effort to be seen to do and…

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Renaissance man versus specialist

In today’s commercial world, clients often look for specialists and previous experience of a particular subject or sector. This is, in theory, a safe approach. However, the most innovative and often successful people are often generalists and multi-talented. Below are three…

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Customer communications: rarely a joy

Sometimes I feel like a grumpy old man.  This is mainly when I am frustrated with the poor communication and service I receive as a customer and feel the need for a good old grumble!  This story is my chance to…

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Stormy weather

On Sunday we were told about the impending storm approaching from the West.  What was your reaction?  I must admit I was pretty convinced that it was the weathermen (or women) covering their backsides after the slating they received when they…

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Stoptober – what next?

I recently passed a group of people on the street who were all dressed in the same T-shirts and apparently preoccupied with the idea of stopping people smoking during the month of October.  I have nothing against this idea (I am…

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